I offer 3 levels of service based on the scope of your project and what my words need to do for you. 

Level 1: Content Creation
My Content Creation service gives you blog posts that will capture and compel your audience, video scripts to bring your business to life, and memorable slogans that’ll drive customers to your door.

Content is king in today’s digital marketplace, so I’ll make sure you rise above your competitors - and stay there.

Level 2: Customer Engagement
Getting new customers is important, but so is taking the time to strengthen and build relationships with the audience you already have. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a regular newsletter or email series.

My Customer Engagement service will help you maintain and nurture your existing base - and make your core congregation stick to you like glue.

Level 3: Sell or Die
Are you a B2B marketing manager in need of a detailed, comprehensive White Paper to help inform a crucial purchasing decision?

Maybe you’re in B2C with an urgent new product rollout coming, or you need to jumpstart an existing line with killer copy that simply has to deliver? Either way, my Sell or Die service is for you.