I know you’ve heard it all before.

The patter about lead generation. The science of sales. The promise of 'copy that converts'.

So, I won’t give you that here, and you’ll only get to see the results for yourself if we work together.

But I will tell you this.

As a freelance copywriter, I have one job: to make words work for you.

Stories are the blood that bonds humanity.

Until Egyptians invented marshmallows, stories were the only thing we had to gorge on around the campfire.

Stories are more crucial now than ever before.

They’ve evolved and survived with us from cave walls to keyboards.
Today, they are the beating drum at the heart of your business.

Here’s my credo: Tell a story well and there’s nothing you can’t sell.

The key word there is well.

There’s thousands of dime-a-dozen writers you can turn to if you want the same bland branding, ghastly grammar, and dull descriptions that litter the digital marketplace.

In fact, If that’s all you’re interested in, leave here now and spend your time trawling content mills instead.

You’ll be doing us both a favour.

If on the other hand you value precision, clarity, nuance and skill - and need someone to inject exceptional copy directly into the bloodstream of your business - there might yet be an opportunity for us to work together. 

I can help you if:

  • You understand the power of using the right words in the right way.

  • You’re prepared to use that power to take your business above and beyond.

  • You’re willing to invest in powerful, emotionally connected copy to enhance your business and cement your reputation.

Given you’re still reading, I’m guessing that sounds like you, and I’m glad to have you here as a potential client.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I can do for you, take a look at the tailored services I offer based on your needs and budget. 

Then get in touch, and let’s have a conversation.

I’m ready to make words work for you